Our fundraising services help organizations effectively plan and secure the funding needed to increase impact. Through these services, your organization can fund new or existing programs to reach your goals.

  • Funding opportunity research: grant, corporate, and other potential funding opportunities

  • Annual fundraising planning: strategy, calendars, tracking tools

  • Grants: research, writing, review, and coaching for federal, state, and local opportunities

  • Development of fundraising materials: sponsorship packets, letters of support, social media

  • Campaign support: capital campaigns, crowdfunding campaigns

  • Coaching and training: equipping your board and staff to effectively fundraise

  • Donor appreciation: strategies, letters, tracking



Raised as of February 2018


We  provide evaluation services at all levels to help you understand and share how your organization makes a difference. 

  • Preparing your organization for evaluation: theory of change, logic models, evaluation plans

  • Creating and updating evaluation tools: surveys, tracking systems, interview scripts, report templates, etc.

  • Implementing evaluation practices: quantitative and qualitative data collection, analysis, reporting

  • Sharing your results: annual reports, grant reports, stakeholder presentations, newsletters

  • Coaching and training to support effective ongoing evaluation in your organization

Capacity Building Consulting provides coaching, training, and facilitation to support successful programming, fundraising, evaluation, and management efforts. 

  • One-on-one coaching: for organizational leadership and staff to build fundraising, evaluation, and nonprofit management skills and practices

  • Group training: board and staff training tailored to your organization to support effective fundraising and evaluation practices

  • Strategic planning and facilitation: board and staff meeting facilitation to complete strategic planning, visioning, and setting organizational goals and objectives

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Capacity Building Consulting provides online support for nonprofits that want to DIY.

  • Facebook group for grant writers: Successful Grant Writers is a free group that provides support for individuals looking to improve their grant skills, get their questions answered, and get more grant funding for their nonprofit

  • Successful Grants Toolkit: this all-in-one premium program walks through everything nonprofits need to know to find, write, and submit successful grant applications, including amazing tools and templates used to help nonprofits raise millions