Fundraising, evaluation, and coaching services that build your organization's capacity, increase funding, and demonstrate your impact in the community. 

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We provide fundraising, evaluation, training, and coaching services for nonprofits, social enterprises, and social organizations. 

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Why Consulting?

Many social organizations operate at or even beyond their capacity in order to make a difference in the community. Working with expert consultants helps organizations strategically and effectively engage in fundraising and evaluation to increase sustainability.

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Our resources are available to increase your knowledge of fundraising, evaluation, and management of social organizations. Download free templates and tools today!

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build your  organization's capacity

We've raised over $22million and developed 50+ logic models, evaluation plans, and process maps for social organizations. Find out how we can help your organization build capacity!


"It was so important to have someone that we fully trust working with us. [Her] help was significantly more valuable than the money can ever express- like the credit card ad, it was 'priceless'!"

"She has proven herself to be a woman of character and will be an asset to any company fortunate enough to hire her."

"It was a positive experience working alongside Amanda. She is adaptable and collaborative and extremely reliable."