Successful Grants Toolkit

Successful Grants Toolkit

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LIVE lessons Monday, June 3rd, 2019 through Friday, July 26th 2019!

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Each week during this 8-week program we will be LIVE on Monday providing the course content, tools, and templates and LIVE every Friday answering your questions. You will get to implement the content during the week and get your questions answered through group coaching!

If you can’t make it live for a session, don’t worry. Each lesson will be recorded and made available for you!

Course Content

Week 1, Bonus: What to do before applying for grants

  • Your organization's fundraising capacity and how to increase it

  • How to identify your organization's fundraising needs + a fundraising needs template

  • What a fundraising calendar is, and how to use it + a fundraising calendar template

  • Getting organized before you start applying for grants

  • How to identify what resources you already have to help your grants strategy

Week 2, Step 1: How to find the RIGHT grants for your organization

  • Getting ready to research grant opportunities + a prospecting template

  • How to search for grant opportunities online without shelling out for an expensive search platform

  • Using 990 forms to find and vet grant opportunities

  • Prioritizing grant opportunities for your organization + grant opportunity checklist

  • Basics of building relationships with grantors, and what both parties in a grant can expect

Week 3, Step 2: Putting your grant team together

  • Who should be on your grant teams

  • Team roles and responsibilities

  • How to work well as a grants team + meeting agenda template

  • Grant team pitfalls for you to avoid (so you don't have to learn the hard way!)

Week 4, Step 3: Preparing for a successful application

  • How to set a reasonable timeline for developing a grant application

  • Creating a checklist to ensure nothing falls through the cracks

  • Developing an outline of the grant application + a formatting checklist

  • How to gather all the information you need, including from your team

Week 5, Step 4: Writing a compelling application

  • Crafting a compelling needs statement

  • Showcasing your organization's successes and strengths

  • How to set realistic goals and objectives and plan for evaluation

  • Grant budgets + a budget template

  • What to include in an abstract

  • Compiling attachments

  • What to do when you don't have all the information you need

Week 6, Step 5: Reviewing your grant application

  • Reviewing the application for strong content

  • Copyediting your application + review checklists

  • How to incorporate feedback from multiple team members (even if the suggestions are conflicting!)

  • NEW: Optional grant swap with another organization to give and get feedback!

Week 7, Step 6: Submitting your application!

  • Completing a final review and ensuring attachments are ready

  • Submitting applications via mail

  • Submitting applications online

  • Archiving the information so you have it for your next grant

  • Celebrating!

Week 8, Bonus: What to do after you submit

  • When to follow-up if you haven't heard back

  • Next steps in the grant process

  • What to track and report

  • What to do if your proposal isn't accepted

  • How to continue building relationships with grantors