Do You Need A Case For Funding?

Do You Need A Case For Funding?

It’s important for nonprofits to have diverse sources of funding, but how can you keep your story straight when requesting funds from multiple sources? What if your resources for fundraising are limited? What if you don’t want to start from scratch every time?

The key is having a case for funding.

What is a case for funding?

A case for funding (or case statement) is a thorough document of broiler plate language you can use over and over and tailor for fundraising or marketing purposes. In some way or another your organization likely has some of this language. Maybe it’s on the website that you copy into a grant application, or you have a brochure you give potential donors and partners.

However, a case for funding has your information organized into some key areas that can help you more quickly compile fundraising and marketing materials- like that grant application that was announced at the last minute or information for a board member’s friend that’s ready to give.

Does your organization need a case for funding?

If ANY of the following apply to you, a case for funding could be a huge asset to your organization:

1. You have limited capacity for fundraising

Many small and mid-size nonprofits have 1-2 people engaging in fundraising. A case for funding will help ensure you don’t have to start from scratch each time you engage in fundraising, maximizing your limited time.

2. You have multiple staff/board members making funding requests

If you’re lucky enough to have multiple staff members focus on fundraising, or have board members actively engaged in fundraising, a case for funding will help everyone stay on the same page. If information used by board and staff come from the same case for funding document, the consistency and accuracy of grant requests, event materials, etc. will be increased and time spent reviewing materials can be reduced.

3. You want to have multiple staff/board members making funding requests

If you don’t have significant engagement in fundraising, having a case for funding can be a great way to ease staff or board members into creating strong, winning proposals and pitches.

4. You have different programs with unique funding needs

Having all of the information on your organization and different programs in one place can reduce the hassle of combing through old grant applications to see which one has the information you need. You don’t have to remember details for each program like the number of people served in 2015 - all the information is there for you.

5. Your program and organizational evaluation isn’t robust or doesn’t include annual reports

Many organizations are working towards better evaluation practices and reporting. In the mean time, a case for funding can help you easily access your organization’s evaluation results so you don’t have to reopen your spreadsheets every time you request funding.

6. You want to make fundraising easier

Copying and pasting great language can make fundraising so much easier, while keeping your information consistent to different sources. Though each funding request should be tailored, your organization and program information (e.g., history, evaluation results, etc.) isn’t going to change so there’s no need to start from scratch.

7. You want to take your fundraising to the next level

After copying and pasting that great language, you’ll have time and energy left to tailor your proposal to the potential donor and improve your pitch. A case for funding can help you start strong and finish even stronger, increasing your chances of getting a “yes”!

A case for funding can significantly increase your organization’s capacity for powerful proposals and funding requests. Learn how to create one and download our free outline or contact us for assistance today!

I’m Amanda Wallander Roberts, MSSW, a consultant passionate about building fundraising and evaluation capacity with social organizations. I’ve helped over 60 social organizations fundraise and evaluate programs, including raising over $22million, and developing more than 50 logic models, evaluation plans, and process maps. Learn more about my services or contact me for support today!

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