Make Sure You're Applying for the RIGHT Grants

There are so many available grant opportunities for social service organizations, but how do you make sure you are using your limited time and resources on the RIGHT ones? I have a Grant Opportunities Checklist to help you decide! This blog post will walk you through the free, downloadable checklist to determine which grant opportunities are right for your organization.

What is A Fundraising Calendar?

Fundraising calendars are an invaluable tool that help to keep track of your organization's fundraising efforts. If you haven't already set one up for the year, now's the time! This post provides an overview of the different components of a fundraising calendar.

Why Evaluation Plans are Critical

As the non-profit sector is continuing to put a heavier emphasis on evaluation, many organizations are finding ways to prove their numbers served and services delivered. While most organizations have an overall "vision" or end-goal to reach, those impacts can be difficult to measure. How do you get from measuring the number of people you serve to proving the change you make in the community?